Saturday, December 17, 2011

First Time Team Bns

I just realized I hadn't blogged for us in ages, or what feels like ages. So I thought, while I'm bored and here at work doing nothing, I'd play catch up.
As I'm sure some of you know, we're taking a hiatus from our weekly Bnr's and doing a Bns that either lasts until we fill all 16 open slots, or Dec 23, whichever comes first. Our Christmas BNS can be found here: We've already had several sales, so hop on by and reserve your spot for our BNR when it picks back up Jan 9th 2012.
Chris and I have been growing our various teams, My X Factor handmade team is now 110 members strong. The X Factor BNR team is 61 members and growing by the day. Our Treasury team has 113 fantastic members and Chris is busily inviting more peeps to the Big team, our original Vintage team, X Factor Vintage which is now 292 members large. So if you haven't joined us yet, now is as good a time as there ever was to join our growing X Factor legion!

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