Sunday, November 20, 2011


All The X Factor Team branches are fortunate to have been founded by Chris Tanck, one of the smartest, hardest working, idea men i've ever known. I say this because our BNR team was fortunate enough to be hooked up with this BNR team last night I was so excited while talking with the Captain of this team I was practically vibrating with pleasure on my living room floor. This development is sure to drive sales as once a month a 24 hour nonstop bnr will be held and our team is now part of their roster.
But immediately upon us is Black Friday and Cyber Monday, and boy do we have some major funness planned for those two days as well. In addition to our usual week long bnr that starts wed night at 9pm, Friday from 1pm-4pm etsy time Chris himself will be curating our team bnr, and everyone from the previous bnr will be sent to ours to buy in and after ours is over at 4pm we will send shoppers to the next one in the line-up. And as if that's not enough to really pull in valuable new buyers and create a great networking opportunity Monday from 4pm-7pm etsy time we're doing the same thing for you again!
I am still super excited about this. Cyn from  said we're very likely to grow even faster than I expect this way! She also said she'd heard good things about our bnr! That's so awesome, I've been working so hard on promoting and growing us and I just had to tell everyone this news. I went and hung out in the Venus BNR today and in just a matter of a few hours they had more than 20 sales. So I know we're finally there and it's all thanks to Chris for hooking me up on yahoo messenger with Cyn last night!
Anyone who wishes to participate Friday needs to create coupon code BLACKFRIDAY for shoppers Friday  so people need only remember that one code! And remember to keep a weather eye on the team threads here  for updates.

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  1. Also just another announcement Look forward to a new team being added to the X Factor Team lineup. Crystal Tadlock Will be the captain of our new treasury team!