Friday, November 18, 2011

What Have You Done For Your Team Today?

Last night before I did my yoga and went to bed I started a new X Factor team. It's called X Factor Handmade and can be found here I spent the day running errands and wishing my internet would come back up so that I could promote for X Factor.  Finally at 1830 it came back up and I began sending this message " will you consider joining these awesome teams
Thanks for your time!

If you do not wish to receive these notices please tell me so!

to everyone who previously faved our X Factor Vintage BNR. As a result I've grown my X Factor Handmade team to 26 members. Our X Factor BNR team is now 46 members strong. And X Factor Vintage is now 258 members strong.  My very favorite people on etsy! And I want to welcome all our new members to our fantastic teams! Stop by tomorrow and I'll let you know what I've done for our teams then too!

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